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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

This is of course my first post on this blog. That being said, you might think that I am new to blogging. That isn't really true. I started my first blog in 2006. I loved blogging. I loved the sense of community and all the amazing new friends that I made. I loved sharing pieces of my life here in the pacific northwest with my husband and our 4 young kids, projects I had made, places I had been, things I wanted to buy etc. Basically share what made me ME.
 There are many reasons why I stopped blogging.(And I will most likely share about them more later) In fact I wrote a whole post about why I stopped blogging recently and have it saved in drafts ready to post. That post was easy enough to write,but what stopped me from posting it was knowing that when I posted it I would have to start writing "real" posts. I have an overwhelming amount of ideas for posts floating around in my head. Craft posts, beauty posts, health/fitness posts, food posts, cleaning tip posts, activities for children posts, home decor posts. The list could go on and on.
The problem is that while I have wanted to start blogging again for awhile, I haven't actually blogged in about 2 years and I have been having major procrastination issues about starting again. I kept thinking "I will start blogging again tomorrow" somehow "tomorrow" keeps being put off and put off again.

That all changed for me today. I was on instagram this morning and I heard about an adorable curly red headed boy named Ryan.

 The just turned 3 year old was playing outside of a family member's house on Friday and he ran into the road to get a Frisbee and was hit and killed by a truck.
 So heartbreaking. I can not imagine the pain that his family is going through. They are in my thoughts and prayers. As I am writing this post my own 3 year old came over and said "Who is that boy? He has a family just like me!"
 I am defiantly going to be hugging my four kids a little bit tighter today. (You can see more pictures and learn how to donate money for funeral costs #redballoonsforryan on instagram his mom's instagram is @babyboybakery and her website is baby boy bakery )
 Life is such a fragile thing. You honestly can't take one moment for granted.

In these last couple of years we have sadly lost quite a few family members. Last year my nephew got brain cancer and died several months later. My Uncle died of a heart attack, another Uncle died of cancer. My sweet loving brother went to the grocery store last year and died in a car accident 30 feet away from his house. He had just gotten married 2 months before, had recently gotten a great job and just bought a new car. I try,but I need to get better about living each day to the fullest and appreciating what a gift life is. Nobody knows how much time we have here on Earth.

All I know is that I got a strong feeling that today was the day that I should start blogging again.
In the past I have donated profits from jewelry I have sold to families that have had lost children.
I want to donate again for Ryan.
I don't have too much in my Etsy shop right now, but I have made quite a few pieces and hope to put more into my shop soon.
Here are a few pictures of what I have in there now.

Have a wonderful day!